April Interior Design Mood board

Homely Design Studios April Moodboard

And we are back with our monthly Moodboards! We have been using these as an opportunity to design every lovely clients home. So, for our April Moodboard, we thought no better space to focus on then is our recent client’s patio as we have been starting to spend a lot of time working it out there (I have the bug bites to prove it).

Client has pretty decent front patio and they love everything black and white. They want it really comfortable and cozy that they can sit and hang out in the evenings.

To further inspire you, here’s what we’ve carried out.

Homely Design Studios Moodboard patio black and white

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Eclectic Glam by Homely Design Studios

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Our client is a vibrant young woman who wanted her bold personality to be reflected in her space! She loved pink black and white! She wanted the space to have loads of personality! She absolutely loved it!

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